Xeilon brings Scandinavian energy into building global companies. We prefer to enter prior to seed stage. We partner with our entrepreneurs and provide what we call company formation capital.

Xeilon protects the DNA of an entrepreneur, this is the most valuable asset going from zero to something in building a valuable and solid enterprise. We have been on journeys that take more than ten years. We are long term.

Xeilon was founded by Knut H. Nylænde and Petter Kleppan.

Essentially two careers of 15 plus years working with startups has been combined and the firm has unparalleled experience building companies alongside entrepreneurs. Here we combine 15 years of Silicon Valley experience with 15 years of experience in Scandinavian technology and IP centric businesses. We have founded companies and we have sold businesses.

Xeilon partners has always been a partner with entrepreneur. There is empiric data that demonstrate this as some of our longer journeys you can still find the entrepreneur as the largest shareholder. This is atypical for the Norwegian market. Our peers seem to crave shorter investment horizons and quicker exits than the reality that a startup offer. This is against physics. Especially very valuable companies take time to build and we have this patience.

Today the market value of portfolio equity securities is above 450 million USD and we still look for that company that will blow our portfolio out of proportions. In the mean time we concentrate supporting and helping our entrepreneurs, however we do not get involved with any operational matters. Otherwise we would not get involved in the first place.

We look for exceptional IP, entrepreneurs and scalable businesses. Please contact Knut or Petter for an introduction of Xeilon and how we can assist you in your journey. We think you would enjoy the partnership as we.