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Petter Kleppan performs investment activities in Xeilon AS where he is the current Executive Chairman. Xeilon has a portfolio of 14 companies with a combined value of USD 432 miillion, of which Xeilon market value is 78 million USD. Xeilon has ownership interests in other venture capital companies like Bivrost Capital, Tlab Capital.

Mr. Kleppan is an investor in and corporate architect of multiple emerging technology companies.  He is considered a holistic corporate strategist that is facing transitory changes or strategic shifts, hence startup investing challanging new markets. He is  a world class strategist and has built companies in Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Middle East, Latin America and Northern Europe.

Petter is currently serving on a number of technology companies’ boards: Senseta Inc, Seafood Technology Group AS, Catch AS, Bivrost Capital AS, ToCircle Industries AS, Tlab Capital AS, Botngard Bioprotix AS. He is also advising Dreams AB, Gobitech AS and Akkadia.

Petter has co-founded companies in the fields of aerospace, software and data analytics and most recently founded Grupo Senseta with data analytics and drone mission operations across three continents. He also designed competitive solutions and products serving Fortune 500 clients in multiple continents in the field of semantic and contextual analytics.

Previously, Petter was the director of offsets and industrial participation at Fast Search and Transfer and the chief architect for KistlerAerospace Corporation to form RpK post Chapter 11 Proceedings and subsequently won a $207 million contract with NASA in 2006.

Petter holds degrees and academic credits from the Norwegian School of Management (BI) and the Handelshochschule Leipzig (HHL) in Germany. He is also an alum of Cornell University,  where he was granted a scholarship to participate in Silicon Valley course program organized jointly by The Norwegian School of Entrepreneurship and Cornell University.